Wednesday, March 9, 2016

C++ Sample Project using Solid Framework SDK

With Solid Framework C++ SDK you can integrate the same PDF to Word technology used in Adobe® Acrobat® into your product for as little as a 10 MB increase in your installer size.

These C++ sample applications are available as ready-to-build Visual Studio projects and also as ready-to-run downloadable MSI installers. In both cases the samples work with developer licenses that you can generate using our self-service Developer Portal. In addition, the ready-to-run samples will also work with regular Solid PDF Tools desktop licenses (contact for a reviewer license).

C++ sample is on our SDK documentation page along with other sample projects to get you going.

Solid Framework comes in two editions: a tools version and a professional version and is immediately available for download. Pricing for internal use of the professional version of the SDK starts at $1500/year. Licensing is also available for public redistribution. Licensing, distribution and product feature information is available at:

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