Friday, August 28, 2009

App Domain Switches and Solid Framework

It has come to our attention that there is an issue with Solid Framework finding its support files when 3rd party assemblies are being used. The problem manifests itself as "Cannot find framework.dll" exception.

To work around this issue your license call, or instance of the LicenseCollection Object should be placed at the very beginning of your application. This license call should happen before any other 3rd party assembly is called.

The 3rd party assemblies can change the App Domain and then the call to Solid Framework fails. It looks within the App Domain searching for its support resources and when it doesn’t find them it assumes they have already been extracted and tries to load them.

We have tracked this down with Oracle and other assemblies and fixed the bug. We should be releasing a new version of Solid Framework sometime in the next week.


Unknown said...

I just downloaded SolidFramework and even using your workaround I still get into 'Framework.dll' trouble.

Greg Greenaae said...

Please send an email to me at with a detailed note about the problem you are having.

Is this your own project, or a sample you are trying to run?